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Community Library, Abetinim

Project: Korkor’s Community Library

Location: Abetenim Ghana

Architects: Solterre Design

Construction: Solterre Design

Notes: The Architects’ Project worked on site for Solterre Design on Solterre Build for Ghana during the final weeks of the build.


Dzorwulu Junior High School Workshop

Community Revamp project is an outreach project to improve selected community spaces with the users of those spaces. The Architects’ Project started its first revamp project at Dzorwulu Junior High School, Accra. It began with a design workshop involving 36 pupils from the school who volunteered to take part. The workshop was facilitated by recent graduates and final-year architecture students from Central University and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

We aim to take the project to its next stage by collating the workshop output for review and development. We would like to invite those interested in collaborating on this project to run a live project with the school.


Our Daily Sketch

In generating solutions to problems what processes do we adopt? Do you sketch, build a model, or go straight to the computer to do both at the same time, using a tool such as SketchUp?

Our Daily Sketch is an on-going project by #tap. It is a collection of the visual thought processes behind the work of practitioners and students in architecture and design.


Sustainable Design Framework

Architects and actors in the building industry have the power to influence a more sustainable urban and rural environment (economic, social and environmental). Does development in Ghana mean sourcing everything from China, Italy or Turkey in order to meet global standards? To the point where we need to source the skills, techniques and materials from abroad? Can we sustain this approach?  And what happens to our local resources in this scenario?

The Architects’ Project opened up a dialogue between actors of the built environment, including policy makers (government agencies), practitioners (architects, engineers, contractors, etc) and developers (private and public sector developers), to identify an approach towards sustainable development in the building industry. As a research project, we will gain, exchange and disseminate knowledge through conferences, publications and other formats to make the practical application of local resources more accessible from the very begin of the building process.


‘Pure-Water Sachet’ Canopy

Project: Temporary Canopy Structure

Location: Abetenim, Ghana 

Design: Anna Webster + Team

Construction: Anna Webster + Team, Architecture Students from KNUST, children from Abetenim community.

Notes: The Architects’ Project worked with Anna and her team to organise, host the workshop and prototype the canopy design and build.