tap a place or space


Representation of the architecture we have in Ghana in contemporary media is limited. Try searching on the internet for images or visual representations of architecture, places, spaces, etc. from Ghana and you might be left feeling disappointed with the search results. Particularly if you are interested in architecture in relation to context like we are. What your search will return to you are pictures from Cape Coast, Elmina, and those of generic African villages – the mud huts. But that is not all we have in Ghana.

We have wide typology of buildings. Some have gone into derelict and others are still habitable though not in their best conditions. We also have some pretty decent new-builds springing up – some still on paper and others yet to be realised. From the use of materials to spatial compositions and advancement in technology, there are places and spaces that have been created in their local context within contemporary situations worth cataloguing. #tap a place or space attempts to do just that: to catalogue our places and spaces on contemporary social media platforms using the hashtag #tapaplaceorspace.