The Architects’ Project is an autonomous initiative continuously engaging with industry experts, academics and the community to deliver a wide range of activities and services. Our main aim is to empower the built environment community towards better ways of developing the environment and society. We use /tap to experiment with architecture as a subject that can be translated into a tool for development.

The initiative focuses on advancing the cause of context-specific architectural learning and practices using ‘bottom-up’ approaches to empower the design and built environment community.

/tap facilitates critical thinking and critical writing, the culture of making, and the application of sustainable methods in the built environment. We are currently made up of individual volunteers. We use our main platform tap:Exchange to organise and deliver research and design-led programmes at both public and private venues, and we use learning, events, live projects and exhibitions to engage with the community.


Our vision is to create Ghana’s first homegrown and independent architecture hub by its community, for the community.


The Architects’ Project aims to bring practitioners, academics and the community together to learn, create, exchange and apply knowledge to issues relevant to our communities through action-led approaches. 

We aim to:

>>  create platforms to empower a learned society;

>> make architecture more accessible;

>> promote design best practice and sustainable development;

>> improve the perception of architecture and of the architect locally and internationally; and

>> help shape the quality of the built environment.


Conceived in December 2013, /tap has developed into an organisation that collates the skills of its supporting community to research, design, advocate and learn together through programmes and projects, and by adopting innovative thinking processes and collaborative methods of working.

We have operated with the concept of tapping [into] Ghana and ‘tapping’ with individuals and organisations. We strive to continue building a strong local and international community of people and organisations; with a passion for development through architecture, design and social responsibility.